At Braces and implants, we believe in quality dentistry.

Our standards are as per WHO ( world Health Organization) guidelines. we follow strict Instrument sterilization protocols to prevent any chance of cross infection

Sterilization, Cleanliness and Disposable Materials :-

Surgery Upkeep
The Sterilization starts with the cleanliness, we take all primary steps to maintain the cleanliness like outside shoes are not allowed in side the surgeries, At the beginning of the day the floors are thoroughly scrubbed with scented Phenol which leaves the place clean and smelling fresh. All carpeted/non carpeted areas are meticulously cleaned with a high power vacuum cleaner to get all the dust mites out and prevent air borne infections if any. The chairs and all moving/rotating parts are sprayed with antiseptic solution( isoproplye achohol or Bacillol) and wiped clean with a soft cloth. After every patient the same procedure is followed for the chairs to prevent cross infection.we fumigate( used to disinfect operation theater) the clinic one in week.

Instrument Sterilization

All instruments are thoroughly washed in antiseptic solutions and wiped clean. They are then packaged into sterile pouches (which has the indicator which indicates that instruments are completely sterilized) and vacuum sealed to prevent contamination. The instruments are then sterilized in digital autoclave for 15 min at 121 degree temperature.


Disposable materials
We use a sealed pack new pair of sterilized disposable gloves for every patient that is disposed off immediately after the treatment is completed. In addition we use disposable masks, autoclaved suction tips and plastic disposable glasses for especially Implant surgeries and other surgical procedure disposable sterilized gowns are used.


All non-surgical instruments are washed properly with soap and then they are sterilized in autoclave after sterilization they are transferred to hot air oven for storage where they can be sterilized again ( at a temperature of 154 degree centigrade).

All small instruments like burs and files are cleaned in ultra-sonic cleaner and then files are sterilized in autoclave and burs are sterilized in glass bead sterilizer.

Dental instruments in sterilized packages are stored in U.V CHAMBER to maintain the sterilization, which are opened in front of the patient. Bio-Medical waste disposal, we are proud to say that we are affiliated with ‘Vulcan Medical Waste management Pvt Ltd’ for all our bio-medical waste, so leaving no chances for cross infections and environmental pollution.


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