Preventive Care

Preventive care is a way of keeping your oral health to optimum. The two main cause of tooth loss are Decay & Gum disease. Preventive care helps you to avoid dental treatments, helping you in keeping natural teeth for life.  When preventive care visit are done twice a year it helps one avoid need for treatment- especially fillings & extraction. Our dentists recommend you a course of treatment to get your mouth to good condition, and then work out ‘maintenance plan’ to keep it that way.

With the passage of time, a deposition of plaque (yellow substance) can occur which cannot be removed with application of brush and floss. This can only be removed with scalpel or clinical teeth cleaning by the dentist. Preventive dental care can also help detect any gum related problem.

Contact Braces & Implants for Preventive Dental Care in Gurgaon

Dr Anand Lohiya believes that natural teeth should be maintained as long as possible. To help achieve this, he provides a wide range of treatment during your preventive care visit at his clinic. He provides teeth whitening, preventive filing, cavity and gum problem detection on your visit to help you maintain 360 degree oral hygiene. During your visit, Dr Lohiya will do a complete evaluation of your oral health and treat you with any minor dental treatment. As an experienced dentist, Dr Lohiya can help you get aware of your dental health and correct any misinformation that you have.

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