Immediate loading implants

Traditional implants involve placing the implants and providing the tooth restoration after 3 to 6 months. This time frame is needed for bone and gums to attach to the implant. The obvious disadvantage of this procedure is that it leaves the patient with no teeth or with a removable, temporary prosthesis. Many patients find this time frame too long and uncomfortable and finally decide to forego the idea of Dental implants.

Natural tooth

In certain cases, Immediate loading Implant procedures are considered to be a better option than delayed implants. Immediate loading implants are exposed to non-functional aesthetic loading after Implantation. However, the exact definition of non-functional immediate loading may vary from same-day implant loading to a shortly-delayed loading (usually three days to one week). Although immediate nonfunctional loading implants are gaining recognition as an important option for certain categories of patients

In complex cases where a full arch is involved and more than six to eight implants are placed in the maxillary or mandibular arch, the situation is paradoxically easier with the condition that all implants are granted from start a motionless function. The use of a large number of implants held together by an immediate prosthesis to prevent micro motion at the bone-to-implant interface is a critical element in this protocol.