Over the time your mouth naturally changes, which can affect the fit of the denture. Your bone and gum ridges can recede or shrink, resulting in a loose-fitting denture. Loose dentures can cause various problems like difficulty in speaking, Excessive salivation , denture sores or  infections and  reduced eating efficiency .

Fixed Dentures Is the Solution.

DENTAL IMPLANTIt is a very simple procedure that takes existing dentures and attaches them with dental implants. It is these dental implants that take away the loose fitting quality of dentures and replaces them with overall fixed stability.

This process can only be done through dental implantation. After the implants have been put in, there is a attachment which will hold the loose denture . This helps to fix the denture into place within the patient’s mouth. There are many things that are great about fixed dentures most important is the retention and stability. Patients who have these dentures are able to speak without difficulty and chew comfortably.